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Why do all the publishers seem to want you to buy paper?

Neal AlenComment

I have been asked countless times why textbook publishers seem to want students to buy paper study tools. It seems that even when digital tools are offered, paper items such as textbooks and flashcards must accompany them. 

I believe that this occurs because textbook companies are accustomed to monetizing their revenue through paper, and therefore have a high level of discomfort in digital products. Some have even justified the very high prices charged, such as $250+ for a college level anatomy textbook. With expensive infrastructure, most of these textbook companies cannot live on $75 textbooks and $40 supplements. To crimp the used book market, they put out new editions as fast as they can - many instructors have told me that these new revisions have little additional value or need. In addition, most of the big publishers link all their tools together so you feel like you need each one to succeed. For example, if you look at any other online anatomy flashcards, there is no difference between the online version and their paper version. 

With Anatomy Flashcard Learning System your students will save costs and use study tools catered to their needs by avoiding the big textbook publishers money pit!