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Anatomy Flashcard Learning System

Why did we create Anatomy Flashcard Learning System?

Neal AlenComment

I created the Anatomy Flashcard Learning System (AFLS) for students who were struggling with Anatomy and could not make sense of the large amount of information presented to them. Over time our approach morphed into an overall interactive system designed to facilitate any student’s mastery of Anatomy by making the material interactive using the power of digital techniques and testing the student in the process.

Teaching Anatomy is similar to teaching a new language. It not only requires the mastery of learning names for structures such as muscles but also their function and control. Over the years, I have seen a wide range of strategies used by students as they master the wealth of information that is required not only to pass the anatomy course but to retain fundamental concepts as they use this key course to build and enhance their clinical skills. Flashcards are used by many students as a method to enhance memorization but they lack a key aspect of what anatomy is all about- relationships.  Our goal is to build relationships into our educational process at every step.

Bob Pozos, Ph.D.

Professor San Diego State University
Co-Founder Anatomy Flashcard Learning System