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Anatomy Flashcard Learning System

Do your students want to study human anatomy anytime, anywhere?

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“Have it your way!” a familiar slogan from Burger King exclaims. Although Anatomy Flashcard Learning System (AFLS) will not reward you with a burger, we do offer students of college level knowledge about human anatomy. 

Dr. Robert Pozos and I asked ourselves why there was not an anatomy study tool that allowed students to practice anatomy on virtually any device at any time! The demand and technology were there, just not the product. That’s when we decided to create such a product.
AFLS is the first entirely digital human anatomy flashcard system that includes learning tables and exercises. This product is the foundation for college-level human anatomy with the flashcards, learning tables and quizzes. The flexible product supports computers, tablets as well as smartphones. A sample of the product can be seen at

AFLS will help you learn anatomy and consistently test your knowledge. Unlike many products ALFS is an engaging, quick, efficient, and fun way to study! The program is designed to pair with any anatomy textbook or curriculum. The straight forward approach of AFLS works well for those advanced high school students in courses such as AP Biology and Health Science Magnet courses. It is also great for those looking at medical, allied health or nursing careers. In addition, it is particularly well suited for students in entry level college anatomy courses designed to weed-out students from these professions. Our interactive learning tables and diagrams allow you to test and reinforce your anatomy knowledge.

For more information on Anatomy Flashcard Learning System (AFLS) click on this link.