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Anatomy Flashcard Learning System

Human Anatomy & Physiology Society meeting great success for ALFS!

Neal AlenComment

We had a very positive and successful time at the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS) meeting in San Antonio Texas this week!  We show hundreds of anatomy instructors the Anatomy Flashcard Learning System (AFLS) and had a large number sign up for additional information and evaluation access.  A number told us they plan to recommend to students for their Fall classes.

Many folks really liked the simple, clean approach AFLS offers to assess ones knowledge and then study from the concise learning tables to touch up one’s knowledge.  People REALLY liked the price - $9.95 for a student for 12 months!  We also got very positive feedback on supporting most smartphones, tablets and computers with the same product and subscription.

Also, Dr Pozos workshop presentation titled “Teaching Online Anatomy/Physiology Courses: Appealing to the Senses and Emotions” was very well attended and received.  There was much discussion throughout the HAPS meeting about the importance and difficulty of reaching and keeping student attention with learning materials.  Dr Pozos’ approach to looking at new approaches with these materials based on emotional response got instructors thinking and talking!