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New version of AFLS with improved readability on smartphones and tablets!

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The Anatomy Flashcard Learning System has just been revised to improved readability on smartphones and tablets.  In particular, we reworked the look and feel of the flashcards and quizzes to make AFLS easier to use.

For the Flashcards, you will now see larger text that is more clearly positioned wi to make them clearer to study with.

On the quizzes, the "Answer Points" have been made larger and we made it easier to move the "Answer Line" to meet the "Answer Point".

We have also made other enhancements to improve use of AFLS on iPhone, Android phones, iPad and other smaller screen devices.  Recent improvements to AFLS include:

o   Larger, easier to see and use “Answer Points” on Interactive Structure; Interactive Tables; Nerve Map and Blood Flow Quizzes.

o   Easier to visual and use AFLS quizzes on smaller screen devices such as Smartphones and Tablets by increasing sensitivity and enlarging buttons.

o   Fixed screen size issues on iPADS.

o   Better visibility, speed and usability on all smaller screen devices such as Smartphones and Tablets

Please try out the new enhancements by using the evaluation or demo codes we sent you previously.  If your subscription has ended, just email me at Neal@DigitalAnatomyFlashcards.Com we we can send you a new trial.

Neal Alen 
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