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Anatomy Flashcard Learning System

Stat!Ref signs up to be a reseller of Anatomy Flashcard Learning System

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(Press release issued by Stat!Ref August 25th, 2015

STAT!Ref Partners with the Makers of

Anatomy Flashcard Learning System

STAT!Ref has partnered with a new company, Health Science Learning Systems, in an effort to provide new and innovative multimedia healthcare technologies to complement the expansive collection of STAT!Ref resources currently available. Just announced, STAT!Ref now offers the new product Anatomy Flashcard Learning System.

 About Anatomy Flashcard Learning System

Anatomy Flashcard Learning System is an online anatomy study aid that helps students learn and assess their anatomy knowledge anytime they are online with almost any smartphone, tablet or computers. Anatomy Flashcard Learning System is made up of anatomy flashcards, interactive quizzes and distilled learning tables so students can learn efficiently.  

Developed by a university anatomy professor, Dr. Robert Pozas of San Diego State University, who saw the need of his students for a clear, easy to use, anatomy study aid available any time they had some free time: at home on their computer, on their tablet at the coffee shop, or even on their phone in the half an hour before volleyball practice!

Anatomy Flashcard Learning System helps students clear the clutter of the textbook, workbooks, flashcards, and other aids that are overwhelming and disconcerting.  With Anatomy Flashcard Learning System, students quickly assess what they know and don’t know in preparation for the test, and then the concise learning tables help them fill-in the needed knowledge.

To watch a video about Anatomy Flashcard Learning System, click here. Or, contact STAT!Ref here for customized pricing or more details.

About Health Science Learning Systems

Health Science Learning Systems, the developers of Anatomy Flashcard Learning System, makes digital college-level health and life science learning tools. It is an S-Corporation of founding partners Neal Alen and Dr. Robert Pozos. Neal Alen is an experienced marketer of digital education products with a focus on health sciences with management positions at Primal Pictures, Edu Technology and ADAM Software. Dr. Pozos teaches college level human anatomy biology at San Diego State University. Together they have leveraged their experience and talents to create affordable, efficient, and easy to use online applications for computers, tables and smart phones.

“Our partnership with STAT!Ref will allow us to better reach faculty and students through STAT!Ref’s outstanding customer outreach and support. My experiences of working with STAT!Ref in promoting Primal Pictures and BoardVitals makes me confident of the immense value STAT!Ref brings to the table.” Neal Alen CEO Health Science Learning Systems

About STAT!Ref 

STAT!Ref has the newest technology solutions in healthcare reference, all available in one place. The STAT!Ref database enables users to intuitively cross-search customized collections of full-text titles, journals and evidence-based point-of-care authoritative resources. BoardVitals, the leading test preparation platform, helps increase medical and other healthcare board exam pass rates. Docphin integrates journal holdings into a user platform that is customizable to each healthcare professional, resident or student’s daily workflow. Draw it to Know it allows students to master neuroanatomy faster. And, now, Anatomy Flashcard Learning System is an efficient and innovative way to master human anatomy online.

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