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The Fall Anatomy Jitters

Bob PozosComment

She walked into my office- a defeated person. She was an academically solid (3.6 GPA) student who had just returned from her introduction to her Anatomy Course.  The professor scared her with the statement “You will have no life but anatomy for this semester”. Previously this week, I talked to two first semester medical students who were also intimidated (shocked) by the amount of material they would have to master in Anatomy.

This ritual occurs every Fall and I call it “Anatomy Boot Camp”. It ensures that students understand the demanding nature of the course and encourages them to organize their priorities and studying habits.

For the multitudes of students who will undergo this Fall tradition, AFLS was designed. It is a study guide that shows the anatomical forest rather than the trees or the twigs!

Here are some simple rules that have helped students in the past.

1.  Don't get intimidated. Get Smart!

You will perform better if you focus on how to study in a smart way rather than filling your mind with worries.

2. Read, Read, and Read some more and...

Before saying that you don't understand a concept, read about it in your textbook, handouts from your teacher, etc. Alternative study tools can also help such as AFLS.

 3. Ask Questions

Ask questions early on in the course. Tie the questions to the concepts. Do not wait until the day before the exam.

4. Quiz yourself.

Use flashcards as well as other quizzing tools, which are also found on AFLS, to constantly review the material. Quizzing yourself long before your exam (at least a few times a day), even during coffee breaks, can help you ace that test.


Final point:  you are not the first nor will you be the last to experience “Anatomy Boot Camp”.  You will make it!