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Anatomy Flashcard Learning System


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There has been a dramatic increase in Home Schooling as an alternative to traditional educational institutions. I have had friends who did Home Schooling and I was impressed with their commitment to finding various ways to teach chemistry, physics etc. The advantage of Home Schooling is the commitment and individual attention that parents bring to address the needs of their children.  So how does a parent engage their child to learn anatomy?   First the subject is inherently interesting to students. The problem is how to enhance long term memory? Enter the world of gaming.
Nothing engages students of all ages as much as games. Games give the students a different perspective on learning material. It is fun. When material is presented in a game format it decreases the amount of anxiety. After all- it is only a game!  Ever notice how much time gamers play their computer games but can hardly focus on their chemistry or biology lessons for any more than 20 minutes. 

Using AFLS as a Game! 

AFLS can be used as tool for teaching anatomy to homeschool students since it was designed in a game format. AFLS has a build -in game in which the students have to place the correct answer in their respective boxes on the tables or place the correct descriptor in the interactive images. What makes it a game is that the student’s performance can be timed. Each student can compete with themselves or others to make the game more interesting. 

I have noticed that many University students have no idea about their own anatomy even though they know a Frog’s anatomy. If home school students use AFLS they could be well advanced over incoming freshman students from traditional high schools. As positions for various health care delivery systems such as nursing, physical therapy, pre-med etc. become more competitive, knowing human anatomy before they enter the University would enhance Home Schooled student’s chances to enter these competitive but rewarding careers.