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Anatomy Flashcard Learning System

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"At the end of the day."..
As I write this blog, students are outside my office- talking about Anatomy. It is Fall Semester and students nationwide are taking a course in Human Anatomy. Here are some suggestions of how you can pass the course:
1. Remember that the Anatomy course is a "boot camp" experience. It is intense due to the amount of material that you are required to memorize. So, do not get too anxious since anxiety is the best way to erase memories.
2. Approach anatomy with a stratregic mindset. What is it that you are required to know? Do not get distracted by the amount of material. Find the easiest way to have the information you have to master. AFLS has interactive tables with all the information you are required to know. Many students spend half the semester making up their own flashcards, study sheets without realizing that it has already been done for them in AFLS
3. Test your mastery of the material by using some testing approach different from the one that you are studying. If you study by drawing and labelling anatomical structures then go to AFLS which has interactive tables that you must complete.
4. Use your time wisely and efficiently. AFLS can be downloaded onto cell phones and IPads.When you have even 30 minutes, go to AFLS and quizz yourself using the Flashcards or the interactive tables.
5. Use your time wisely in the classroom. Listen to your instructors and upperclassmen as to what is emphasized in the class. Most information presented in class is found in textbooks and AFLS so take notes wisely. What are the big items that they are emphasizing?
6. Finally, do not worry about minor items presented in class. If there is a question on the exam that is confusing, everyone in class will get it wrong. Focus on the big picture first.
I tell my students to strategize about taking content demanding courses. Once you do that you will excel in mastery the exams which "at the end of the day" is what counts.
The Anatomy Flashcard Learning System can be seen at